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Green Country’s one-time shredding service is available for businesses and individuals who want to bring their documents to our warehouse. Whether you have a few file boxes that you need to shred or a semi-tractor trailer full of old confidential documents, we can shred all documents quickly and efficiently.  How do you define quickly?  How about 800 file boxes or 24,000 pounds in an hour.

To witness the shredding, please arrive between 7:00AM to 8:00AM or between 4:30PM-5:00PM.

(This is when mobile shred trucks are available at our warehouse)

Non-witnessed shredding is available between 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

(This time frame is when our trucks are performing shredding services at customer’s locations.)

Green Country Shredding – Tulsa OK Phone: 918.749.5885

On-Site Shredding, Off-Site Shredding Hard Drive & Media Destruction, Document Storage

Serving Tulsa and the surrounding Oklahoma areas.

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What does your company shred and what has to be removed?

-We can shred anything that is a paper product.

-We also provide destruction for hard drives, CD’s, diskettes, x-rays, tape reels, and other types of media shredding. Please advise us if items other than paper need to be shredded.

– If it needs to be shredded, call us and we can discuss the material for destruction.

-You can leave paper clips, binder clips, and staples but we do ask if you would remove any         three ring binders.  If you do not have resources available to remove three ring binders, we can make a price adjustment in your quote and remove the binders for you.

-Please call and a Green Country Shredding representative will help you with any further questions.


Does your company shred for residential or just commercial?

-We provide both commercial, residential and drop-off shredding.

– Call our office for all options available.


Can we witness our documents being shredded?

-Yes. We have video monitors on the side of our on-site trucks so you can see your paper being shredded.


What size jobs do you accept?

-No job is too small or too big.  We shred for clients with just a few boxes and for businesses that have 20,000 boxes.


What happens to the paper after it has been shredded?

-All of the paper we shred will be recycled and processed according to NAID AAA certification standards. Shredded paper is never sold for packing material and is never available to the public prior to pulping at the paper mill.


What are my container options?

-Containers are available at no charge for our scheduled customers.

-All containers are lockable and range from small under the desk styles to 96 gallon rolling bins.

-Please call and a Green Country Shredding representative will help you with any further questions.  Pictures of containers are also available on our web page.




What are your frequencies that my container will be picked up?

-We provide frequencies that fit the customer needs.  We range from three times a week to every three months.

-We also provide one-time shredding services for clean outs and purges.


Can I have an unscheduled pick up?

  • Yes, just call a Green Country Shredding representative and we get you on the next available scheduled route in your area. Next day service is usually available.


What additional fees can I expect?

  • Green Country Shredding does not require a yearly service contract to sign. In addition, there are not any extra costs such as fuel surcharges, security fees, or shredding time charged by the minute.
  • Please notify Green Country Shredding if your items for shredding need to be removed from an attic, basement or other location without elevator access. There are not any hidden fees, but we do want to provide an accurate quote for your shredding project
  • Green Country is always happy to provide a quote in writing for your records.